Jennifer, better known as, has been blogging for six years. 
Her main focus is wellness and self-growth, as well as blogging advice, and her posts on mental wellbeing and health were the thing that really caught the eye of Wisteria Publishing. 
In 2020, Jenny will be releasing a book focused on mental health and well-being. 

Blog: Twitter: @jennymarston_xo

Taylor Martin

Taylor is a mummy and blogger from Scotland who has been working on her fact based novella, Young, Dumb, First Time Mum in-between taking care of her son.  Her book will be released in the spring of 2020 . 

Petra Quelch

Petra is an author of children's books, and we are very excited to work with her on three children books, the first of which will be published in March 2020. 

Lisa Gourley

I am a writer in my mid-twenties, and I blog over at On my blog I write predominantly about mental health, lifestyle and music, TV & film. My first novel is a story I've wanted to write for a long time, and it reflects a lot of elements of living with and recovering from chronic mental illness.

Kate and Helen Winthrop-Christie
Gracie Hemphill

"Grace has always enjoyed writing ever since she was a little girl where she used to write her own songs. As an adult, she enjoys writing poetry and already has a poetry book published on Amazon called "Letters to my Past". She suffers from depression and anxiety and finds writing poetry can help her during her darkest moments. Her second book of poetry will be published May 2020."


Instagram: @graciehemphill

Twitter: @gracievhemphill

Carol Tetlow

Carol used to be a GP but now spends all her time writing and playing tennis. She is lucky enough to live in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales with two cats, four labradors, five donkeys but just the one husband.


Irina M. Gudkowna.

I was born in the North of Germany during a time when the post-war pride for a lost cause was still clinging on in people's minds and hearts.  I completed my primary and secondary education there, before moving to England, meeting and marrying my husband and staying.  I now live in Scotland with my husband and my darling cat Myshka.

I am a trained theatre nurse and some of the gruesome details I have witnessed during my time as a scrub nurse still cling on with utmost clarity.  I left the hospital work to become a tarot and rune reader with a reputable firm on-line and did this for 6 years, enjoying every minute.  I still do readings occasionally and I still enjoy it.

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